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the perfect location

Our suites are located in the most vibrant, diverse and exciting area in Tel Aviv - at the meeting point between the rough south of the city, and the heart of the cheeky city. At the junction between the authentic streets and cultural centers of the first Hebrew city, and all the entertainment options that a modern city has to offer. Within walking distance (or bicycle / scooter) are the most famous and interesting spots to visit:

שדרות רוטשילד.jpg


The most famous boulevards in Tel Aviv, and in Israel in general, are a 5-minute walk from de Picciotto. 1.6 km stretching from Neve Tzedek to the Habima National Theater, along with an abundance of centers of interest, entertainment, culture and history (including the place where the establishment of the State of Israel was announced - Rothschild 16). Lovers of architecture and design will be impressed by eclectic construction alongside the famous Bauhaus style that led to the declaration of historic Tel Aviv as a World Heritage Site - the "White City".

Lewinsky Market

4 minutes walk from the suite will lead you to a whole world of tastes, smells, colors and sounds. Lewinsky Market is considered an attraction for locals and tourists alike. It features a huge variety of bakeries, delicacies, restaurants and shops selling specialties and spices that you will not find anywhere else. The market hosts food tours, spiced with stories about the history of the place, and local secrets that only the veterans know.

שוק לוינסקי.jpg
מדרחוב נחלת בנימין 2.jpg
מדרחוב נחלת בנימין 2.jpg

Nahalat Binyamin  Street

The artists' fair on the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall is the largest and oldest of its kind in Israel and is one of the most beautiful and esteemed in the world. The fair has existed since 1988 and runs on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year (including holidays and weekdays). The fair is dedicated to handicrafts and crafts, with more than 250 stalls displaying handicrafts and crafts in the fields of painting and sculpture, ceramics, goldsmithing, textiles, wood, glass, paper, plastic, stone, Judaica, toys, games, dolls, recycling and more.

hamesila park

It was built along the route of the Ottoman railway, between Nahalat Binyamin in the east and Kaufman Street in the west. The Railway Park will introduce you to the beautiful Neve Tzedek neighborhood, the experiential station complex and will continue with you to the famous beaches of Tel Aviv. Along the park, bicycle paths and hiking trails were paved, trees and vegetation were planted, and at the underground level of the park, the dormant line of the light rail will pass the same as the route of the historic railway between Jaffa and Jerusalem.

נווה צדק.jpg

Neve Tzedek and the station complex

The first Jewish neighborhood is a quiet, nostalgic yet vibrant corner. It is characterized by a classic, artistic atmosphere, designer shops, plenty of bistro restaurants, cafes and wine bars with a European flavor, a weekly farmers market held in the popular station complex, and the Suzanne Dalal Center featuring contemporary dance and theater performances.

Central coastline

The perfect place to soak up a Tel Aviv atmosphere par excellence, enjoy a refreshing dip in the water, walk along the renewed Lahat promenade, experience the restaurants and cafes on the beach, spend time in Charles Clore Park, and continue south with pleasure to Jaffa Port and the Old City walls.

חוף מנטה ריי.jpg
חיי לילה תל אביב 2.jpg

Cafes, restaurants and nightlife

Apart from the excellent DEPI restaurant waiting for you on the entrance floor of our building, many of the most famous entertainment venues in Tel Aviv are only a street or two away away. You've probably heard of Cafe Europe, Fort Said, Social Club, Benedict, Santa Catarina Restaurant, Abraxas North and the Thai of Mount Sinai. Maybe you even got a recommendation to go out to hang out at the frequency, sit down for brunch at Herzl 16, taste the famous Schnitzel of Cafe Noir, take a picnic basket from the delicatessen and not miss the Dalal restaurant ... Either way - you will not need more than 7 minutes to reach each of these. On foot of course.

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